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The Right Stuff

9 Dec

This not an homage to NKOTB, the loves of my life in fourth grade. This is about having the proper equipment. Having the right equipment from the right workout clothes, to the proper knife in the kitchen, to the best quality ingredients can make or break achieving health goals.

Have you ever tried to lift weights without weights? You can’t. That’s obvious. What may not be so obvious are other pieces of equipment you need to keep up with your nutrition and fitness goals. As I mentioned in the Turkey Trot post I had dressed warmly enough for running outside. The  proper equipment, proper apparel and the right tools can give you that little edge in achieving nutrition and fitness goals.

This doesn’t just apply to fitness and nutrition, but it also applies to sanity day to day living.

For example, I purchased a travel mug from Starbucks because I liked it, it looked like one of their paper cups but a plastic version. After a couple of months of using it, it started to leak. I thought to myself, “I have to be careful, I’ll just hold it upright.” Well after a year and a half of spills in my car, in my backpack, on my coat, in my purse, on my pants and all over my arms and getting super angry each and every time… I bought a new mug.


OXO mug

This OXO mug from Target is leak proof. I no longer waste time or energy screaming and wiping down my arm or my car. This helps not only in saving me energy, but it also helps save time and aggravation. It also encourages me to make coffee or tea at  home in the morning rather than buying coffee during the day.

You may be thinking it’s a mug, what’s the big deal?. Having a travel mug I like is important, it fulfills on my commitment to being calm, to saving time, to being environmentally conscious, to resisting temptation of buying high sugar drinks and to using only the highest quality ingredients (at home I use either raw grass-fed milk or almond milk and raw honey to my coffee).

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