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Yay for Chiropractic Care

22 Oct

I’m super excited to be going to a fundraiser tonight! My doctor of chiropractic Dr. Sarah is co-hosting the ChirosCare event. The event benefits the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. The FCP is an organization dedicated to generating positive press toward the chiropractic profession as well as Chiros Care Free Clinic. Chiros Care provides no cost chiropractic care to the Chicago homeless community.

Chiros Care Fundraiser

Chiros Care Fundraiser

The party is 7-10 tonight at one of Chicago’s hotspots Y-bar. I am attending this event because chiropractic has made a big difference for me (although as of late I’ve not been a good patient).

Prior to starting care I had chronic headaches, poor digestion and lower back pain. I also had the opinion that chiropractors were quacks and this wasn’t a ‘real’ profession. I was a huge skeptic. I was also almost always sluggish and tired. About two years ago while going through some major life changes I decided to put my cynicism aside and give chiropractic a try.

Over the past two years I have had the following results:
• improved posture
• improved digestion
• eliminated all lower back pain
• recovered from sinus pain without medication
• endless energy
• no more headaches
During that time I have been sick only three times and each of those times was during a chiropractic hiatus and never for more than a couple of days.

Disclaimer: By the way, I’m not a health care professional and I don’t claim that these results are typical. Over the past two years I have also made many other positive changes in my eating, sleeping and living habits. For optimum health I use a combination approach of seeing my chiropractic doc and an M.D. to stay healthy.

I’m very happy to support the chiropractic profession and to Dr. Sarah a big thank you for being a great doctor, I know I don’t show it with my attendance in the office but you’ve made a huge difference in my well-being.

If you have a doctor or health care professional who’s made a positive impact on your health, let them know today. I bet it will make their day.

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