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Lunch Adventures at the Chicago French Market

3 Oct

I just realized it’s been over a  week since I posted anything, it feels like forever.

I have a recap planned from my trip, but I had an amazing lunch experience this past Friday that I would like to share first. I went to the Chicago French Market with my coworker Amanda.

Amanda at the Chicago French Market

I had heard about this place a while ago and have put off the 15 minute walk from work for about 6 months. We took a look at the different vendors online. (As a side note, that’s a great thing to do if you’re going to a place like this. Pick your place and your entrée before you get there so you’re not tempted by all of the goodies. The place was swarming with bakeries and pastries so having a set place to eat makes it very easy to stay on track and not stray from making healthy choices.) After consideration and some intense browsing we decided that we wanted crepes for lunch.

The first thing we did when we arrived is we walked around to see the different vendors. This place reminds me of the Chelsea Markets in Manhattan but with its own Chicago flair. I felt like a tourist in my own city. There were organic produce stands, live lobsters, fancy soups, more than a few bakeries, a raw food stand, a flower shop, just to name a few.

We ate at Flip Crepes, each of us ordered a savory lunch crepe.

Flip Crepes

Flip Crepes

I ordered the Provencal, with turkey, herbs, spinach, tomato and Parmesan.

Provencal Crepe

Provencal Crepe

It was perfect. I love savory dinner crepes and I have Provencal herbs at home. Guess who’s going to make the same wrap at home sometime very soon? 😀

The table area was really cool, a little on the cheesy side but that was part of its charm. The walls were painted in a way to look like we were sitting beneath the Eiffel Tower and there was french music playing in the table area. What we didn’t know until we finished eating and getting ready to leave was that there was a French woman playing the accordion live, right there!

Live Accordian

Live Accordion

This was the best lunch adventure I’ve had in a while, I felt like I was on vacation smack in the middle of my mundane workday. It really helped break up the monotony of the day and inspired some new recipes. Amanda and I will be back to the French Markets, and next time I will have a raw food adventure.

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