When Sick, Let Yourself be Sick

10 Sep

I had these great plans to post something everyday this weekend. I was going to finally do that follow-up post about foam rolling, post some photos from this weekend’s weddings, experiment in the kitchen and report, etc. Instead, I was sick and sleeping all weekend and I don’t have too many complaints about it either.

Yes, I felt horrible and my body was achy and all I could do was sleep.  Yes, I have a ton of catching up and house work to do. Yes, I’m sad that I didn’t get to write all of those awesome posts. Yes, I AM happy that I gave my body and mind all the time they needed to fully recover.

The old me would have been stressing out about not blogging, not having my meal plan for the week prepared and freaking out about missing three days worth of workouts. The old me would have also gone back to work on Tuesday without being 100% better. The old me also would not have gone to the doctor at all.

The new me left the to-do list on the table all weekend and called in sick on Tuesday. On Tuesday I went to the doctor to make sure there wasn’t anything seriously wrong, I went to the Chiropractor to get an adjustment along with a boost to the immune system and I got a massage. Luckily, after going to the doctor I found out there was nothing wrong, I had just caught a virus and fought it off naturally.

Health is not just about clean eating and working out. There is also the part about taking care of yourself when you’re sick. Allowing yourself to listen to your body and so you know what it needs. I don’t like to take any kind of medication unless I absolutely have to. I was able to fight off my sickness without taking any meds, just rest, water, and vitamin C. I really don’t think that would have been possible had I been stressing over my to-do list or getting back to work. Stress doesn’t make things happen any faster or more effectively, it just produces extra Cortisol, and we learned about the effects of too much Cortisol a couple of weeks ago.

I’m not a health care professional nor am I suggesting you do the same when you get sick, I just know what works for me. I believe in preventative care and eating right for health, that’s why I choose a lifestyle that incorporates eating clean and seeing a Chiropractor as regularly as I can.

There’s something amazingly inspiring about doing absolutely nothing for a few  days. After having taken that break, I have a new relationship to my ‘to-do’ list and I am reminded of what’s important to me: friends, family, happiness, being stress-free.

As far as my daily promises that are supposed to be at the end of every post I didn’t worry about them over the last few days. They’re back today with what I accomplished today. No problem, it’s that easy just to start again. 🙂

Daily Actions, Day 17
• Logging my food intake everyday — done, started again today
• Doing my workouts and logging them everyday — done
• Getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night — done
• Ask at least one person per day one of two questions: –  didn’t do it, will do it tomorrow
What are your dreams? What do you like about your life? What are you grateful for?

In addition to the daily actions I will take some other miscellaneous actions:
(These won’t get a check mark until I do them later in the month, but I’m keeping them here as a reminder)
• Host a ‘Clean’ dinner party at my home once a month — Hosted 1st party Sunday 8.29
• Get a Sub Max test
• Clean two closets — one closet is clean
• Paint bedroom walls

3 Responses to “When Sick, Let Yourself be Sick”

  1. K September 10, 2010 at 12:34 pm #

    Dude, I learn a ton from this blog! Also, I’m definitely in Old You land. I just don’t know how to stop, because I’m afraid I’d lose control of the level of success I built by being Old You. In my mind, the way I acted to earn it must be the way I need to maintain it. Seems perfectly logical in my mind! How’d you overcome?

  2. Deb Morton September 10, 2010 at 2:28 pm #

    Bravo, thanks for the inspiring post. It’s a great example of listening to our bodies.
    Be well.

  3. MacKenzie @ Fighting the Pudge September 10, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    Wonderful post, lady! Why is it that we only listen to our bodies or minds when we’re so over extended? Fabulous reminders! Have a great weekend!

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