Lunch = Yum and the Next 77 days

11 Aug

Today was one of those rare days when I didn’t bring a lunch with me to work. What a great excuse for trying out Hannah’s Bretzel sandwich spot.

Hannah's Bretzel

Hannah's Bretzel

They use mostly organic ingredients and I love a fast food place that has organics! They also have a cool website and I’m a sucker for great design. 🙂

I ordered the organic Grass Fed Sirloin sandwich and it was amazing.

Grass fed sirloin sandwich

Grass fed sirloin sandwich

I subbed the aioli for mustard, I don’t like mayo in sandwiches. The meat was amazingly  tender and the caramelized onions complemented the cheese perfectly. I will definitely go back.

The next 77 days
If you read today’s earlier post then you know I signed up for the Frank Lloyd Wright 10k run today! And I have a team of five ladies who are signing up with me. The race is 77 days away so I am creating another challenge. Now that I have some great new habits, it’s time  to up my game some more.

I haven’t fully fleshed out all the actions I’ll be taking over the course of the next couple months but here’s a start:
• Sticking to a weekly running routine
• Taking the VO2 max test and optimizing running
• Organizing a running clinic at work
• Redesigning the blog

What fitness goals are you up to? Will it help you to have a partner hold you to your word?  Want to join me for the next 77 days?

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