Not up for a Challenge? Invite a Friend.

10 Aug

Have you ever wanted to take on a challenge but don’t trust yourself to actually do it?
Ever considered inviting a friend to join you? Well, you should because there’s just something about being accountable to a partner that increases your chances of accomplishing your goals.

Here’s a real life example:
It’s not a secret that I’m not a runner. I do it. I enjoy it only sometimes. In the summertime here and there I like to run but mostly it feels like hard work. I also know that my body tones up very well and I feel great after running. I’ve attempted to train for a 1/2 marathon this summer and it didn’t happen. After competing in the Muddy Buddy competition I got the  bug to do another race. I posted a request on FaceBook for folks to join me and I have a small team now!

It’ way more fun to do things in a group!

Now I have my next challenge the Frank Lloyd Wright 10K run on October 24th.
I have some new goals and a plan, I’ll post the details about my new goals later today.

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