42 Day Challenge… Complete

6 Aug

My 42 day challenge, one of the reasons why I started this blog, is complete as of this past Sunday. The Challenge ended with Columbia’s Muddy Buddy Race. If you’re not familiar with Muddy Buddy, it’s a 6-mile run, bike-ride and obstacle course. People do it in teams of two and the thing ends with a swim in a giant mud pit! I did the race with my boyfriend. It was AWESOME! Unfortunately I don’t have pictures because we didn’t bring any spectators with us.

This week I have scheduled a week of rest and recovery, apparently it was a rest from writing as well. I prefer to write almost everyday, so I won’t be taking a break like that again.

As for my Challenge I’m going to list each of the four actions I’ve been taking everyday and what I learned from them and how my habits have changed.

Schedule my workouts in my calendar and do them as intended
The first thing I noticed about working out was how much I don’t like to follow the schedule and exercises my trainer gives me, but I went ahead and did them anyway.
And you know what? It’s much easier to follow a training schedule than to resist doing what’s on the paper. I’ve gotten stronger and more confident at the gym.

When I have my workout scheduled in my calendar there is about 90% more chance that I will actually do it.

Log my food & liquid intake
By logging what I eat and drink everyday I became very conscious of what I eat and therefore consistently made better eating choices. In addition to logging I also started to create a menu for the week. I’d decide over the weekend what I was going to eat, made my  grocery list and the rest of the week was easy.

Log workouts
A very important part of training is actually recording what I do at the gym. Beofre the challenge I would have a printout with my workout routine and would often forget it or disregard what was on there and do what I felt like doing that day. By logging everything, I not only did everything as it was intended I was also able to track how much stronger I was becoming.

Post on this blog
My favorite part of this self-imposed challenge was creating this blog. I’ve found a new medium to express myself. It’s also really great to have the world at large to answer to. I’m  so excited about blogging that I am attending the Healthy Living Summit next weekend.

Some misc. stats
Start weight: 146.2
Lowest Weight: 138.8
End Weight: 139.2

Things to add next time
Take measurements early on. I took my measurements a few weeks into the challenge when I had already produced some results.
Know body fat %. I didn’t do this before the challenge and I don’t know it now.
Know my resting heart rate. I know this before the challenge and I don’t know it now.

My favorite part of the entire process was my coworkers, friends, acquaintances and family consistently telling me how great I look, and not just because I had lost wight, but people would actually tell me I was glowing! Now that’s a great reason for eating whole, natural ingredients!

Thanks to everyone who continued to read this blog over the last two months and I hope you continue to read. The content will pretty much stay the same, I just won’t have a daily update about my challenge at the bottom of my posts.


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