Breakfast Burrito Friday

30 Jul

Here’s this week’s breakfast burrito photo:

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burrito

This one’s got (from the bottom up):
Spinach tortilla from Trader Joe’s
Raw Spinach
Sauteed red onion & tomato & fresh oregano & basil
2 eggs over easy
Low-fat cheese
Roasted flaxseeds

And here’s a gorgeous photo of a strawberry & Spinach salad from yesterday’s lunch:

Strawberry spinach salad

Organic strawberry & spinach salad

This evening I am driving up to Madison WI for a really cool event, Radiate Hope’s Summer Event. It’s a fundraiser for local cancer research & support groups. There will be bands, prize drawings,  games, activities and we’ll get to hear from patients about their quest to overcome cancer. A close friend created it four years ago and I am very happy to support him this year!

Before we get to the festivities on Saturday I will be cooking a clean meal for my host. Offering to cook for people is a great way to make sure to stay on target with eating clean. This way I pick the menu (with their approval of course), I know what goes inside of it and I get to share with people that what they ate was not only delicious but also very healthy. It’ll be a great start to my weekend.

Ground Rules Status Check :: Day 40
• Schedule my workouts in my calendar and do them as intended — done
• Log my food & liquid intake — done
• Log workouts — done
• Post on this blog — done

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