Eating at the Office

22 Jul

Eating at the office has been one of the biggest challenges I have conquered over the past year. In a 9-5 corporate office setting there are lunch meetings filled with pizzas, fatty sandwiches and giant cookies. Resisting the temptation wasn’t always easy.

There is a snack room here with cookies, chips, cereals, candy bars, a soda machine, Pop-Tarts, microwavable soups, high sugar oatmeal and giant tubs of super-salted nuts. I used to eat this all of this stuff. Over the course of three years I went from snacking on whatever I could get my hands on to not eating any of it. What I do instead is bring my own meals and snacks. This way whenever I get hungry I go for my own snacks rather than being at the mercy of the breakroom junk-food.

I have a mini-fridge in my office.



Where I store all of my Tupperware with lunch goodies:


Tupperware = Food for the day

And I eat my meals on a fancy plate or bowl (from Target).

Chicken Arugula Wrap

Chicken arugula wrap

I’m not going to lie about anything here, eating clean takes more effort and preparation than going to the office kitchen and eating some of the unhealthy snacks. However, having my own food here gives me more energy throughout the day and I have zero food comas and crashes.  If you think it’s too much work to prep your food the night before just think about how much work you put into staying awake after a greasy salty junk-food meal, it may be just enough to put that energy into making a wrap or salad for lunch tomorrow.

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