Breakfast Treat & Reevaluating Goals

20 Jul

Before I get into the meat part of this post, I’d like to give you a little treat. It’s a mini photo shoot from one of the best cafe breakfasts I’ve had, ever.

While on my recent trip to LA a friend told me to stop by Urth Caffè, as she described it “all-natural, organic and delicious.” Right up my alley. Turned out the Melrose location was a three minute walk from my hotel. 🙂

Urth Caffe

Urth Caffe Sign

I ordered the Eggs Verde: tomatoes and poached asparagus spears served with whole wheat bread and garnished with cracked pepper and chive oil.

Eggs Verde

Eggs Verde

And an African Tea Latte.

African Tea Latte

African Tea Latte

It was all as delicious as it looks. It’s been a couple weeks and I’m still dreaming of the African Tea Latte.

Reevaluation of Goals
At the start of my 40 day challenge I said I am challenging myself to lose 15lbs. I then proceeded to create daily actions to form new habits that would not only allow me to reach my goal, but form the habits to maintain it.

For the most part, no problem. I’ve been going along just fine and noticing some things about myself along the way. Well this weekend, there came a point where I had a breaking-point of stress. I put such a stress on myself that I began to over-sleep, be miserable, get headaches and weigh myself on the scale 2-4 times per day (that’s a lot considering I never owned a scale before this challenge).

My breaking point came this weekend when I weighed myself on Sunday (against my trainer’s instructions) and the weight turned out to be three pounds over the previous day’s weight. I was extremely upset and felt like I would forever be the same weight and my goals were hopeless. I’m not saying it was a rational sequence of thoughts, but those were my thoughts.

Earlier in the day I had gone shopping and was trying on and fitting into clothes in smaller sizes than I had ever tried on before. In the moments of reading the numbers on the scale, none of that mattered. I was so focused on the number and failing at the challenge I let the emotions get the best of me.

Since I have the world’s greatest trainer, he was able to talk me down and help me reevaluate my goals. He’s seen the progress and he could see that the focus on the number was not helping me, we came up with a new number, a less stressful one, one that I can safely aim for in the next two weeks and still make an impact on the way my body looks.

I’ve been on track and now I am empowered by my goal rather than worried and stressed about failing. I failed at the first number, it’s now time to move forward with my challenge and look forward to succeeding with the new goal.

Ground Rules Status Check :: Day 30
• Schedule my workouts in my calendar and do them as intended — done
• Log my food & liquid intake — done
• Log workouts — done
• Post on this blog — done for today, skipped the weekend

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