Ordering Meals and Eating Away from Home

9 Jul

Here’s a treat for everyone: some photos of the meals I’ve been eating since I’ve arrived in California. I’ve had days worth of fresh veggies, fruits, lean meats, fish and other goodies.

Most everything has been custom ordered, so I’ll go through each photo and share how it was ordered and what was changed in the order to make it clean eating approved.

Hotel Breakfast
It’s been very convenient to have an extensive breakfast room service menu. After my workout and shower I scheduled breakfast to arrive in my room: oatmeal, a plate of berries and two soft-boiled eggs with potatoes. This meal also comes with toast, cream, ketchup, butter – that stuff I didn’t eat.

What I did eat is about 3/4 of the oats with a teaspoon of brown sugar and a handful of berries, the two eggs and a few potatoes. This was a great breakfast for after a long workout.

Hotel Breakfast

Soft boiled eggs, potatoes, mixed berries, oatmeal

Lunch, Later That Day, Bistro Gardens
For lunch we went to a restuarant that had a pretty limited menu, however there was a half sandwich, half soup option that came with fries.

What I asked for instead was the half Turkey Sandwich (without mayo) and a salad with greens, tomato and cucumber. They said no problem and did not charge extra for the substitution. It was hassle-free and the meal was satisfying and delicious.

Turkey avocado sandwich with greens

Turkey avocado sandwich with greens

Dinner at Tavern
Tavern had an even more limited menu than the Bistro Gardens so it was a little more challenging to order. Instead of ordering an entree I chose two appetizers: Seared Ahi tuna with lentils and a Hamachi dish.

They were both small, delicious and surprisingly satisfying. Ordering such small plates for my meal allowed to sample bites of some of the other dishes that were ordered without feeling overly stuffed.

Ahi lentils

Seared ahi tuna with lentils



Thursday’s Lunch
This amazing lunch was served from an amazing catering truck. The dish was supposed to have come with brown rice. I skipped the rice and added extra greens and asparagus. Brown rice would have been great and it’s clean, however I knew it was going to be a long day and the greens and chicken I knew would help me maintain my energy throughout the rest of the day.

Chicken with Greens

Chicken with Greens

The moral of the story is be brave and order exactly what you want! Don’t worry about being picky it’s your health and your well-being, it’s worth it.

Ground Rules Status Check
• Schedule my workouts in my calendar and do them as intended — done
• Log my food & liquid intake — did not log today, but will catch up tomorrow
• Log workouts — done
• Post on this blog — done

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