Exercise, Eating Well and Work Trip

7 Jul

This week may be the most challenging week of all, I am in California traveling for work. That means I have a different schedule and I have to rely on other people for food and I’m away from my gym.

Being that today was a travel day, I scheduled the day off from working out. Next I had to figure out what I was going to be eating and when. My schedule while I am here is determined by an ad agency and that includes meal times (to an extent). Knowing this I was able to make some preparations ahead of time. I asked the agency folks to make sure that they had plenty of raw veggies, fruits, raw nuts and lean proteins for me to eat. So far so good! Upon arrival, there was a buffet of pistachios, almonds, cashews, etc. and then they brought out a giant arugula salad with tomatoes, perfect!

It was just the right thing to hold me over until dinner. And dinner proved to be even better because in California everyone custom orders everything and it’s all fresh ingredients. My camera battery died before dinner, so there aren’t any photos of this meal. I am charging it now so I can document future meals.

I’ve also checked out the hotel gym, it’s tiny but it has the basics. And I even got a map from the front desk for a 3.5 mile running trail.

Travel is usually a great excuse to go off of a plan and indulge and not exercise. But the moral of this story is with a little bit of planning, making a few bold requests and asking questions exercise and eating well are no problem on a work trip!

Ground Rules Status Check
• Schedule my workouts in my calendar and do them as intended — done
• Log my food & liquid intake — done
• Log workouts — n/a
• Post on this blog — done

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