More Than a Haircut

29 Jun

Over the past year I have not gotten my hair cut or colored. It just kept growing and growing and growing. There was no real inspiration or motivation behind this, laziness maybe. Anyway, about a month ago I pulled out a ruler from my desk drawer, measured the hair on my head and realized my hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love.

Long Hair

Before Hair

This weekend, I did it! Well my super-awesome hairdresser friend Analisa did it. She snipped off a pony tail.

Pony Tail

The Snipped Pony Tail

And I was left with this cute haircut! (And color too).

New Hair

New Hair

So it’s just a haircut and color, right? Not really though, for me it was a chance to put into practice two things: updating my external appearance to align with my new goals (the new normal) and concious living (being able to contribute to others from everyday activities).

Wellness lives in many forms. I think one aspect of wellness that gets overlooked is the physical appearance. Doing something that alters the appearance can create a physical  change or in my case a turning point. My “old” long hair was just not a match for my new habits and fresh approach to fitness and nutrition.

The second point I make is about consious living. That means doing things with purpose, on purpose and taking one step beyond an everday activity and making a positive impact on someone else besides yourself. I had the hair, I had the idea, I love the cause, I took an extra 10 minutes from my life and mailed the hair. Imagine if we all chose one activity a week to take a single step beyond what we’re already doing. How would the earth be impacted? Who would we touch? Some may ask, why do it? I ask, why not?

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